This Season We’re on #PresentPatrol

PricePatrol Benefits:

Never miss a deal – PricePatrol alerts you when the price drops
Instant gratification – Try it on. Demo it. Take it home. No waiting for the mail or delivery
Wherever you are – Based on your phone coordinates pinpoint the best deal and best price for exactly what you want, when you want it.
Over 22 million products in over 250,000 stores – PricePatrol has got you covered

What is PricePatrol?

PricePatrol monitors nearby stores for what you want at the price you want.

Win a VISA Gift Card!

This holiday shopping season PricePatrol will be handing out 5 WEEKLY VISA gift cards, and there are 2 WAYS TO WIN:
  1. Download PricePatrol on your phone
  2. Add products to your RADAR
  3. Tap the Share button
  4. Spread your shopping savvy
  5. Each in-app share is an entry for a
    $75 WEEKLY VISA gift card
  1. Visit our Pinterest boards for shopping inspiration
  2. See something you want to add to your RADAR?
  3. Re-Pin it.
  4. Every Pin is an entry to win a $50 WEEKLY VISA gift card.
Contest ends December 21, 2014